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The most common type of brain tumor is the acoustic neuroma, with nearly 3,000 new patients diagnosed with this condition each year in the U.S. Although acoustic neuroma is not cancerous, it can be life threatening if it grows large enough to press on the brain stem. An acoustic neuroma is notorious for causing hearing loss and other ear problems due to its location, but it can also cause facial nerve palsy and paralysis.

An acoustic neuroma normally grows on the eighth cranial nerve that is located between the brain stem and the ear. This nerve carries signals to the brain that impact hearing and balance. While vertigo and hearing loss are common with acoustic neuroma due to the nerve it affects, it also can impact facial nerves. If the tumor grows larger, it can press on nerves that affect facial movement, or the facial nerve can be impacted during removal of an acoustic neuroma and lead to facial palsy. If this occurs, surgical intervention may be indicated to facilitate facial reanimation.

Treatments for Acoustic Neuroma Facial Paralysis

Joshua D. Rosenberg, MD, is one of the leading specialists in the country for facial paralysis treatment. As a dual board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with extensive experience working with patients with facial paralysis, he offers the most advanced treatments available. For those with facial palsy caused by acoustic neuroma, he can create a customized treatment plan to address specific concerns. This can include using gold weights for eyelid reconstruction and other treatments to address synkinesis and additional facial movement problems.

If you or a family member have experienced facial nerve palsy or paralysis caused by an acoustic neuroma, there may be treatment options to improve facial function and appearance. Contact Joshua D. Rosenberg, MD, at his office in NYC or Upper East Side to schedule a consultation to discuss your condition and the treatment options available.

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Tonio Jennifer

Knowledgeable Doctor, great staff...somehow Dr Rosenberg makes you feel that no matter the odds he will come thru for you and with me he did so many times

Karmita Avila

I haven't the opportunity to meet the doctor yet, I have an appointment. I was referred by an ENT doctor in NJ, Dr. Douglas Leventhal, nice, young, excellent bed manners. Unfortunately he does not reconstruction nasal perforation, but he was very interested in helping me, and he referred me to a colleague in NY, and asked me wait a call from them, otherwise to call him back if they didn't contact me. Thanks GOD, they are very efficient and received, today two calls , I finally got to talk to Evelyn, very kind, and patient, gave me the appointment, I hope that my present health problem due to bad medical practice years ago, Dr. Rossenberg, can reconstruct my septum. I thank you from deep of my heart.

Nada Alkhawam

I want to thank DR. Rosenberg for his time and he’s amazing staff,he did a wonderful job operating on my face moving the cyst last Tuesday , I couldn’t believe my self the way he operates berly any brosis, he’s amazing surgeon , and he’s staff especially Ann& daina they are on top everything sweetheart they answered all my questions, with friendly since humor, I’m so lucky to have him As surgeon

Theresa Norris

Excellent surgeon supported by caring medical team members. Highly recommend.

Jan Wong

Dr. Rosenberg and his staff are thoughtful, caring and made me feel at ease during my procedure and at my follow up visits. Highly competent and friendly staff. Definitely recommend.

Sue Bee

An excellent Doctor who is kind and compassionate. He genuinely cares about his patients and their well-being.

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