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Microvascular Reconstruction (including Head and Neck Cancer Reconstruction)

Facial defects and deformities can have profound effects on how you eat, speak, socialize, and express yourself, striking at the core of your identity. Facial reconstructive surgery restores function and corrects defects following head and neck cancer surgery and treatment along with defects resulting from accidents, illness and deformities present from birth.

Dr. Rosenberg practices the most advanced forms of facial reconstructive surgery, including microvascular reconstruction (some times referred to as “free tissue transfer”). In this special technique, skin, muscle and or bones are “harvested” from throughout the body and implanted under a microscope to correct defects in the face, head and neck. Dr. Rosenberg is member of Mount Sinai’s Center for Head and Neck Cancer and The Tisch Cancer Institute’s Melanoma and Skin Cancer Center. He works closely with all members of the cancer team to ensure patients have the best possible cosmetic and functional outcomes.

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