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BOTOX™ and Dysport™ are “relaxing agents” produced from sterile derivatives of Botulinum Toxin. Although distinct products, they work in the same way to improve or prevent facial lines wrinkles that are caused by over active or tense facial muscles.  They have been used extensively for facial aging for many years with unparalleled safety and patient satisfaction.  In addition to treating facial aging, BOTOX™ and Dysport™ are also used in the treatment of Facial Nerve Paralysis (please link to facial paralysis page)

BOTOX™ and Dysport™ treatments can typically be given during a routine office visit (or even your lunch break). The treatment involves a series of small injections with minimal patient discomfort. The tiny injections usually result in little to no bruising. The effects are not instantaneous but typically become apparent from 2 to 14 days later. BOTOX™ and Dysport™ usually last between 3-6 months at which point muscle activity returns to normal. As an elective treatment, they can be given whenever the effects wear off or over longer periods of time when it is convenient for the patient.


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